Holiday breaks will correlate with the school schedule of the largest demographic of students we have attending but may not match exactly according to studio and staff needs. Sometimes holidays will fall during a session.  We may or may not observe them but in either case tuition will not change to accommodate that date. Any shortened weeks due to holidays will be posted in advance with registration. We will post reminders so that both students and parents will be notified prior to holiday periods.



The studio will not necessarily be closed for school snow days or sick days. Since many times the roads are clear and safe by class time and dance is an elective and sick students should remain at home. Due to our limited staff and resources classes may be canceled due to illness of the instructor, lack of adequate substitutes or family requirements of the instructor. If the studio has to cancel classes due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances, classes will be rescheduled, not refunded. If you have any questions about studio closures please call (208) 709-0777.

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