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The mission of Teton Valley Dance Academy is to provide students of all levels with a unique, all-encompassing dance experience. We desire each student to develop their technical ability, improve their comprehension of the language of movement, and strengthen their passion for dance through engaging in the practice of performance, teaching, and choreography.


Teton Valley Dance Academy (TVDA) believes that a well-rounded dance education requires that everyone involved with the dance studio have a clear understanding of the studio mission, requirements, and policies. We have created this handbook to offer our students and their parents a clear explanation of their commitments and responsibilities to the school. All parents and students must agree to support and abide by the guidelines in this handbook. In order for the student to enroll in activities offered by TVDA, parents must sign a waiver that states they have read the handbook and agree to hold their students accountable. TVDA reserves the right to terminate any student’s enrollment at any time for misconduct or inappropriate actions by either the student or their parent(s) that may hinder the studio’s reputation or harmony.


Teton Valley Dance Academy values dance as a shared passion between its students and instructors. Dance creates a common interest, focus, artistic voice, and discipline that Teton Valley Dance Academy takes pride in developing, nurturing, encouraging and reinforcing. We ask that you join us in supporting a positive, professional experience each and every time you enter Teton Valley Dance Academy.  

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