Tuition is the accumulation of class rates and registration, production fees.  A sessions tuition is to be paid at the time of registration. TVDA will offer payment plans upon special request but discounts do not apply to payment plans.  Class rates fluctuate according to duration of session. Tuition can be paid by check, cash, paypal or credit card at the studio with a 3% charge fee.


Studio Registration Fees

There is a one time studio fee per student per studio calendar year of $20 for the to be paid with their first registration, which is not subject to any discount. 


Production Fees

There is a Production fee per student added to each tuition for the end-of-the-year recital to be paid in full with registration and not subject to any discount. This does cover any costume fee for the show. Students who wish to perform in the recital must wear their assigned class costume and pay this fee.



TVDA does offer a variety of discounts which are posted with the class fees for each session. Eligibility for early registration discount requires that payments be paid in FULL before the session starts or postmarked and mailed within that time frame.  TVDA understands that not everyone who might be interested in dance class maybe able to afford our rates. If further discount to tuition is a requirement in order to enroll a child in dance class please come talk with the studio director to discuss options.


Prorated Classes

TVDA does not prorate it’s classes.  We have a cut off date for registration per-session and will not accept students after that date.  Students who register for class within the window where classes are running and the cut off date will still have to pay the full class rate for the session. Please see our information about refunds.


Drop in classes

On occasion TVDA may have a guest teacher or offer a special class at a drop in rate.  This is to be paid at the time of service. Balances cannot be applied to drop in classes.


Class cards

Several classes are recorded and paid through class cards.  The first class card is subject to the studio registration fee per student.  All additional class cards through the TVDA calendar year as at its posted flat rate.


Party Rental Rates

Rental for Party (party’s must have a TVDA staff member present as a party coordinator and parties must agree to the terms of a contract with TVDA) (don’t forget max capacity, also any decorations left behind become the property of TVDA)

*$50 deposit to be returned by staff member post party

*$50hr. (minimum of 2hr for the party) not including gratuity

*Party lessee is responsible for providing all decorations, snacks, untencels, paper products and pay for dance instructors props and music

*$50 additional for set-up and clean up

If there is damage to the studio the lessee will be responsible for any additional costs for repairs and not receive their deposit back.


Special Rentals 

The TVDA space can be rented for additional creative projects at a rate of $20hr.  Please ask the studio director about your special rental. Special rentals maybe subject to additional charges, contracts and project proposals.  Renters must agree to follow all TVDA rules and uphold its values.



TVDA understand that on a very rare case by case situation a refund may be warranted.  This is in extreme cases, such as loss in the family or moving. Refunds for injuries will only be considered on a case by case basis and with a doctors note. It is not an obligation or for TVDA to issue a refund upon request. A refund may be requested but it may be rejected. It will be at the discretion of the studio director to offer a refund.


Late Fees and Open Balances

Late fees are assessed when the tuition due date has been missed. A charge of $10 per month will be added to your bill.  Students may not be able to perform at the end of a session or parents will not be able to enroll their child in the next season of dance until their account balance is paid in full for the previous session.

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