Assisting in a lower level class is a great way to get some experience teaching, review old technique and skills, an opportunity for students to bond and a rewarding way to help out at the studio.  There is not an additional charge for this opportunity but a TA must commit to their class for the full year. As a thank you for assisting with class and commitment TA’s will be offered an additional performing opportunities in the recital with the class they are assisting and with their peer teacher assistants.  Additional rehearsal for this performance opportunity will be set during scheduling for the spring session.



Teton Valley Dance Academy wishes to offer a variety of experiences to it’s students.  Some students may be interested in owning a business even possibly a dance studio. They are welcome to help in and around the studio in exchange for a discount on tuition.  For every hour a student (age 13 and up) works for the office they will receive $5 off their next sessions tuition. This discount can not be applied to costumes, performance, additional guest teacher expenses or field trip fees. 

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