Though ages are indicated in the class descriptions, different class placements may be made based on experience and skill when appropriate. All level progression is reviewed and decided upon by the staff of TVDA, and the director makes the final choice. New students with dance experience will take a trial class in each style they are interested in before being placed in an appropriate level. Private sessions are granted by the director’s discretion and should be considered a privilege and not a substitute for group class.



This is not the average progrogression of level achievement.  This is to assist parents to understand how much time a student and parent can expect to set aside in their schedule to dance commitments.


3 to 6 years old:


  • 45 minutes of class a week


7 years old/pre-ballet:


  • 1 hour-long class a week


8 years old and older, beginning levels:


  • Year 1

    • 2 hours a week in beginning levels (For example: beginning ballet and modern)

    • Audition for and participate in the holiday show 


  • Year 2 

    • 3 hours a week in beginning levels (For example: 2nd-year beginning ballet and modern and jazz)

    • Audition for and participate in holiday show 


  • Year 3

    • Move up a level in jazz or modern.

    • Increase class time at studio to 3.25 hours a week. (For example: 3rd-year beginning ballet, 2nd-year jazz, move up to intermediate modern)

    • Audition for and participate in holiday show


About 11 years old:


  • move up a level :) in ballet, jazz and modern (if requirements are fulfilled)

  • Join Company if you are in middle school

  • increase time at the studio to 5.75 hours a week


12 years old:


  • consider pointe

  • add an additional hour of dance a week


13 years:


  • Intermediate/Advanced Ballet, Intermediate Jazz, Intermediate Modern and company

  • time commitment at least 7 hours a week


14 years old:


  • Move up a level in jazz and modern (adds 45 more minutes a week)


16 to 18 years old:


  • Advanced level all around

  • Average time commitment of an advanced student is 8 hours a week

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