Teton Valley Dance Academy requires volunteers in order to keep session rates low. Each session we require 5 volunteer hours or $75 from the family of each dancer registered in Beginning level and above.


These volunteer hours will help take some of the stress off of our TVDA faculty. They also provide opportunity for dance families to support their dancers in a fun learning environment. Volunteerism can come from any family members — parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. At registration you can declare your desire to volunteer or financially assist the studio with the $75 opt-out fee. We will keep track of your hours and will have several volunteer opportunities for you to sign up for throughout the session. Please feel free to share any skills you might have that could benefit the studio.


Volunteer jobs will be posted through sign up genius each session and before performances.  They will each have a time total associated with tasks included. You may have to sign up for more than one task. These tasks can happen anytime of day that works for the volunteers, but if staff help is needed, it must be scheduled when the staff helper is not teaching - while teaching we prioritize our time with your children.  Task that happen at the studio will need to be performed during the hours the studio is not being used for classes. TVDA will be happy to provide supplies for requested jobs, please communicate with the office staff is something is running low or if there is additional needs. Anyone can sign up to help with performance duties. If example if a parent needs to complete their hours and wants to help at an Unknown Heights performance despite weather or not they have a child participating in that company they are welcome to do so.  Toward the end of each session the office staff or volunteer coordinator will contact you if you hours have not been met.


We hope you find it fun to partake in helping to make the studio safe, clean, organized, and welcome. Also, we hope it helps you to understand our vision and the investment you and my staff are making in your children, and that this helps you to understand the art of dance and passion we have for it. We hope this creates a sense of unity and community.


Student Volunteer Opportunities

Sometimes TVDA will have volunteer opportunities for its students.  Students are welcome to help parents fulfill their volunteer time but these student volunteer times would be for students not parents.  Examples are to hand out candy at Halloween, help backstage during a performance, laying the dance floor for a performance, loading in costumes, sets or props or assisting at a birthday party.

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